What do you think burns more calories, running thirty minutes on a treadmill or running thirty seconds for your life? Adrenaline is the wonder drug. It keeps you young, makes you strong and sharpens your mind. Add incinerates body fat, improves cardiovascular function and naturally increases growth hormone and you can see the advantages of high stress training. Your workout won’t involve wild animals, but it will involve you being better than someone else, even if that someone else was you two days earlier. Competition is like a fire and adrenaline is the lighter fluid. Whether you’re doing five more pushups than the guy next to you or five more than you did yesterday, the goal is still the same – never stop getting better. We’ll push you to your limit but never over it. We’ll get you to do what no treadmill ever could – we’ll get you to believe in yourself.

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 Wrap Hands


First, we’ll wrap your hands to protect them when you’re punching. This  also helps make you feel like a real badass.


 Jump Rope


Jumping rope is not only a great conditioning tool, but a great warmup exercise as well. A couple of rounds here and we’re ready to go.


fighter old gymnasium

Shadowboxing is how a fighter warms up and gets loose. Hop in the ring or in front of the mirror and start throwing punches. Just make believe you’re boxing your imaginary friend.



Here’s where we teach you all of our boxing secrets. We don’t show you all at once, though, we like to spread them out. This way we make more money.


hb girl

Hitting the heavybag helps develop punching power and is a great conditioning tool. A couple of rounds on here and you’ll be dripping in sweat. Make believe it’s your boss and it’s great for stress relief too.

Sparring (Optional)


Once you’re in condition and you know how to block a punch, we give you the option of sparring. Sparring is the football equivalent of two-hand touch. Many people choose to do it, but there’s no obligation. One thing I have to say about sparring is that it’s the most incredible workout you’ll ever have. It can be a life-changing experience.



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Everybody wants to learn how to hit a speedbag. It looks cool and it’s a great way to impress your friends.



When I was a kid in Brooklyn, we were in great shape from playing till the streetlights came on. So now we have a tug of war on the sidewalk,  medicine ball relay races down Greenwich Street, and we don’t have have to go in when the streetlights come on. We don’t have school tomorrow!


med ball

I‘d rather do community service than bicep curls. But give me a sledgehammer and a truck tire and you’ll never count reps again! Think it’s a little too hardcore for your French tips? Tell that to one of our IMG Models!

Hit the showers


Want to know why our locker rooms are so immaculate? It’s because our cleaning guy’s got obsessive-compulsive disorder! While you’re working out  your issues on the heavybag, he’s working out his issues on the shower stalls! This way, when all is said and done, you’re happy, he’s happy, and everybody walks out of here feeling a little better!


Go home!


Get out of here, before your wife thinks you’re having an affair. Or worse, that you’re spending all your free time having fun at a boxing gym!